Topography and Soil

To the west of Kalna police station, the parts of Khari, Banka, Gangur, and Behula flows. So this part of soil consists with less quantity of clay or silt and thus this part has limited capacity to hold water. But Purbasthali, Manteswar and eastern part of Kalna is constructed with fine silts. A little quantity of rain pour is enough for well cultivation. Just to the South-East of district Bardhaman, Kalna sub divisional area is situated. To the North there exists Katwa sub divisional town, to the West there exists Bardhaman, Memarietc, To the West the rivers “Bhagirathi, Shantipur, Krishnanagar, and to the South there are Balagarh, and Pandua under the district of Hooghly. The weather is mainly influenced by the ‘Monsoon’. Average rainfall varies from 150 to 200 cm. Kalna has 88o 20’ East longitude and 23o 12’ 25’’ North latitude.The soil is rich with deposition of alluvium of the Bhagirathi and Behula. It is partly laterite clay and partly red color coarse grained sand. Soil erosion is quite predominant.