“The Municipality started its maiden journey in the year 1869. With a population of 57056 (as per 2011 Census) and 4.55 sq. km area the Municipality now comprises 18 wards.

Kalna is specially known for its historical and geological importance. Tourists, archaeologists, researchers from all over the state visit Kalna. Kalna has a great potential to become a national tourism and cultural centre. We intend to make Kalna a Heritage Tourism Centre which will be sustainable and will facilitate Local Economic Development.

Kalna Municipality has taken the initiative to prepare a city development plan as a perspective and a vision for the future development of the city, the thrust areas which needed to address on a priority basis, the alternative routes, strategies and intervention to bring about the change.

Anchoring the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission we focus the development of economic and social infrastructure, betterment of urban poor, improvement of physical and environmental aspects, strengthening municipal governance and their financial and budgeting systems and procedures. We also have focused on creation of structure for bringing in good governance including accountability, transparency. Planned land use distribution is our prime interest.  Apart from the CDP, Housing for All under PradhanMantriAwasYojona has been initiated in Kalna especially for the urban poor.

We want prioritization of projects through stakeholders’ consultation, encouraging local unemployed youths for taking part in different development programme so that we can reach the fruits of development at the grass root level.”

Our Vision

  • The Municipality intends to transform itself into an environmentally clean and green urban area, and to ensure our citizen to live healthy lives.
  • All households of our municipality should have adequate access to basic services.
  • All youth should be engaged in gainful employment or self employment.
  • All citizens have civic consciousness, sense of harmony & co-operation empowering a better civic life.
  • Business enterprises should consider Kalna, a destination for investment.
  • Transport communications are to be developed further within and outside the town.
  • We intend to make Kalna a Heritage Tourism Centre which will be sustainable and will facilitate Local Economic Development
  • Tourism to be developed attracting all sections of tourist to visit the rich heritage of the town & to protect the heritage in all possible ways.

Above all to protect the town and its residents from natural calamities like flood etc.