The Pre historic conveyance system was built on the basis of water flow. We have realised the river Damodar and her branches through outKalna used to establish link among several villages and places.

Through several flow the communication and link among various interior gangs like NandanGhat, Manteswar were well kept. Still S.D.O. office of Kalna sub division exists just beside the river. The distance villages Faleya, Nimdaha, Nadanghat, Mahmudpur, Baghnapara are still depending on the naval way.

Even after setting on railways conveyance, two water conveyance associations: i) Steam navagation company ii) Horemiller company found themselves busy for the transportation of people and goods. Starting from Hatkhola of Kolkata, Naval transportation was practiced to reach Kalna via Uttarpara, Sreerampur, Sheorafuli, Nababganj, Bhadreshwar, Chandannagar, Bhatpara, Chinsura, Hooghly, Bansbaria, Tribani, Kaliganj, Jirat, Somra, Shantipur, Guptipara etc.

As two roadways Kalna was certainly linked with the administrative centres – Saptagram, Pandua, Nabadwip.