Administrative Set up

Kalna is a Sub – Divisional town. Kalna Municipality had been established in the year 1869. At present the Municipality is administrated by a Board of Elected Commissioners. There is Chairman in the Municipality. In this town, there are offices of the Sub-Divisional officer, a Sub-Divisional Court. Tehsil Office, Taluka Office, Block Office and many other Sub-Divisional Offices situated in the town. Area of Kalna Sub division – 385.01 sq. km. total number of village – 714, number of mouza -549, number of gram panchayat – 49, number of police station – 3, (Purbasthali, Manteswar, and Kalna), total number of block – 5, panchayetsamity – 5, number of population of the sub division – 653844, number of female – 321786, number of male – 332058, number of literate male(up to 1981) – 228774, number of literate female (up to 1981) – 184659, total number of male and female literate – 413433.


Kalna Thana
Number of Block       2
Number of Mouza      215
Total number of villages      371
Total number of population   225513


Kalna block I Kalna block II
Paragana Ambika, Ranihati Paragana Ambika
Number of population 121080 Number of population 104433
Number of Mouza 102 Number of Mouza 113
Number of villages 177 Number of villages 167
Gram panchayet 9 Gram panchayet 8
Manteswar Thana Purbasthali Thana
Number of block 1 Number of block 2
Number of population 192969 Number of population
Number of Mouza 144 Number of Mouza 190
Number of villages 151 Number of villages 219
Gram panchayet 13 Gram panchayet 17